Our mission

To maximise our contribution to the wellbeing of members by providing the highest level of service through cost effective and innovative management and confidence through an appropriate level of professional care and assistance.
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Important dates

The distribution centre will close at noon on the last business day of June and the last business day before Christmas.


President's letter to members regarding interaction with staff and volunteers

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2018 Financial Report

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Office and Distribution Centre Address

Ostomy Association of Melbourne Inc
Unit 14
25-37 Huntingdale Rd
Burwood VIC 3125

Please note - we do not accept phone orders

Tel : (03) 9888 8523
Fax : (03) 9888 8094
E-mail : enquiries@oam.org.au

Opening Hours

Distribution centre: 9am to 4pm Tuesday to Friday
Phones: 9am to 4pm weekdays
Stomal Therapy Nurse: Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment
Closed Mondays, weekends and public holidays
Closed from noon on the last business day before Christmas and the last business day of June